About Our Double B Jigs

Double B jigs are hand poured, painted and skirted. We powder coat each jig by hand and bake each one to assure the hardest finish out there that will not chip or flake no matter how many rock ledges you bounce them over. We use heavy, wide gap Mustad hooks and a sturdy brush guard that will keep you from frustrating hand ups. Our jigs are made in multiple weights.

Choose form our standard colors or request the color combination that works the best on your favorite body of water. We are happy to produce special orders that will catch all the fish you can haul. Click Here to View Swim Jig Colors or Click Here to View Football Jig Colors.

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Football Jig


You can’t beat a football jig for great action when the weather is warm and fishing is fast. Try a Double B football jig with one of our many trailers to attract the big ones. All Jigs are 1 per pkg.

Swim Jig


Designed to be flat on the bottom of the head, our swim jigs will stand up when you are bed fishing to imitate a bait fish eating the eggs of a bass. Our realistic eyes and color assortment of jigs will imitate any bait fish you have in the lakes and ponds you like to fish. All Jigs are 1 per pkg.