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Finesse Worm


Bass not wanting to bite? A finesse worm can get you a strike when nothing else will entice them to eat. The action of the tail on a Double B finesse worm will remind bass it’s time to eat! Use this worm to go to weigh in with a bag full of fish. All Finesse worms are 10 per pkg.



If there is one soft plastic lure to keep in your tackle box, it’s a Double B Baits Senko. With its natural action and range of uses, you will be putting bass in the live well all day long. Rig it weightless for a horizontal, side to side fall and drive the fish wild. Experience its versatility with a Texas Rig or Wacky Rig. All Senko are 8 per pkg.

Swim Jig


Designed to be flat on the bottom of the head, our swim jigs will stand up when you are bed fishing to imitate a bait fish eating the eggs of a bass. Our realistic eyes and color assortment of jigs will imitate any bait fish you have in the lakes and ponds you like to fish. All Jigs are 1 per pkg.