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Used as a trailer or Texas rig you can’t go wrong with these craws. Throw a coffee scented craw on the line and let the bass jump on the hook for their caffeine fix. Buy them in multiple colors and scents to fit any fishing situation and match them up with a Double B jig to haul in the big ones. All Craws are 6 per pkg.

Finesse Worm


Bass not wanting to bite? A finesse worm can get you a strike when nothing else will entice them to eat. The action of the tail on a Double B finesse worm will remind bass it’s time to eat! Use this worm to go to weigh in with a bag full of fish. All Finesse worms are 10 per pkg.



Darting our fluke back and forth across the water is guaranteed to attract bass and entice them to eat. Use our fluke during the shad spawn to mimic what bass like to eat and take a fish dinner home to momma! All Fluke are 6 per pkg.

Football Jig


You can’t beat a football jig for great action when the weather is warm and fishing is fast. Try a Double B football jig with one of our many trailers to attract the big ones. All Jigs are 1 per pkg.

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One of my favorite baits to fish is this life like 3” frog. Realistic eyes and color patterns make him hard to beat when you are fishing heavy cover. Rigged properly, you can throw him virtually anywhere such as lily pads, grass and even the thickest of cattails without a hang up. All Frog are 4 per pkg.



Support the Double B Baits team with these awesome Erickson brand hats! Emblazoned with the Double B Baits logo, they will keep you cool and comfortable with a mesh back and adjustable fit. One size fits all!

Mud Bug


Deadliest when flipped into heavy mats or other heavy cover, this ugly bugger will really tick the fish off. With lifelike pinchers, and antennae and a body that will stir up the water, it is sure to catch a bass’ eye and make him want to fight. All Mud Bugs are 4 per pkg.



If there is one soft plastic lure to keep in your tackle box, it’s a Double B Baits Senko. With its natural action and range of uses, you will be putting bass in the live well all day long. Rig it weightless for a horizontal, side to side fall and drive the fish wild. Experience its versatility with a Texas Rig or Wacky Rig. All Senko are 8 per pkg.

Swim Jig


Designed to be flat on the bottom of the head, our swim jigs will stand up when you are bed fishing to imitate a bait fish eating the eggs of a bass. Our realistic eyes and color assortment of jigs will imitate any bait fish you have in the lakes and ponds you like to fish. All Jigs are 1 per pkg.